The focus of this phase is to plan a landscape that will be enjoyed and which makes full use of the opportunities presented by the site.

I always start a Design on the detailed and up to date topographical survey plan of the site. This ensures that any conceptual grading, changes in elevations, existing features and site elements are fairly accurately incorporated in the design. It also ensures, already at this preliminary stage, that site drainage issues are considered and that view lines and view cones are accurately measured. With this information, a Base Plan of the property is then produced.

I will then create a Program for the site, e.g. how will you use the site? What will you do there? At the same time, I will produce a Site Inventory and Analysis. This will identify important site features, opportunities and constraints, including drainage, sun and shade exposure, outside circulation and privacy. This all leads to a Preliminary Concept Plan. This concept (or concepts) will illustrate spatial relationships, access options, planting options, lighting, screening, alternative materials, views, docks, decks, patios and all the design issues and your wish-list items from the Program. The Final Master Plan will be completed only when you are totally satisfied with the Concept Plan(s).

At this stage you can decide where and when you would like to start implementation of the work. We can discuss the preparation of the final Detail Design, cost estimates and phasing.

Once the Master Plan is complete I will produce a Final Landscape Plan for the property. We will still at this stage have the opportunity to incorporate any changes to the Master Plan. This Plan will have the level of detail required for implementation. It will also be ready for the next phase of the project namely the production of the construction documents and details for Implementation of the Project.

Project Implementation involves the preparation of Construction Drawings. Having construction drawings will enable us to obtain fair prices through a tender or request for quotation process and ensure accurate construction and quality control.

These drawings may include:

  • Details and specifications for the construction of all the access components, i.e. steps and stairs, outdoor lighting, slope stabilization and retaining wall details, paving patterns, boardwalks, dock details, etc.
  • Detail grading and drainage plan showing existing and proposed elevations.
  • Detail Planting Plan and plant list describing all proposed trees, shrubs, ground covers, perennials, etc.
  • The Detail Layout Plan.

This involves seeing the project through to the end. I can take care of all administrative aspects, tendering and Contractor selection. I then ensure proper implementation of the project through regular supervision and inspection of all work and materials.